Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Why do you have a blog that you never post to?

Truly, I am working on my book. It has a new less presumptuous title, Transgender Pejorative (An A.I. Ghost Is Born), and a new shape & about 40,000 words of new material that must be meshed w/ the first, second and all other tertiary drafts.

Why are you taking so long to write this book?

Um, it's my first novel so sometimes my reach exceeds my grasp. Not to mention that time takes time plus the material drives me a little crazy since it's all more likely to happen now. Elections do indeed matter.

Some living and ongoing nightmares take historical perspective to be seen the way the muses truly deign that they be seen. Some living and ongoing nightmares will kill you before you have the time to write about them. So it goes.

You really don't like writing a blog, do you? I mean, who would subscribe to this?

I miss these imaginary talks. I'm sure that I'll see you again soon. Everybody please stay safe and have a wonderful day ;-)

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